Note 2 - Critical estimates and assessment concerning the use of accounting principles

When it prepares the consolidated accounts the management team makes estimates, discretionary assessments and assumptions which influence the application of accounting principles. This accordingly affects recognised amounts for assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses. Last year’s annual accounts give a closer explanation of significant estimates and assumptions in Note 4 Critical estimates and assessments concerning the use of accounting principles.

Nets Holding AS

SpareBank 1 SMN has entered an agreement to sell its stake in Nets Holding AS. The stake is 2.2 per cent, corresponding to 4,028,773 shares. The sale requires the approval of the regulatory authorities. The process is expected to reach completion in the second quarter of 2014. The shares are measured at fair value via profit/loss and are valued at the end of the first quarter at the agreed sale price in Danish kroner converted using the exchange rate in effect on the balance sheet date. Unrealised gain including agio is recognised in an amount of NOK 148m. In addition, received dividend is recognised in an amount of NOK 8.8m.


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