Note 2 - Critical estimates and assessment concerning the use of accounting principles

When it prepares the consolidated accounts the management team makes estimates, discretionary assessments and assumptions which influence the application of accounting principles. This accordingly affects recognised amounts for assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses. Last year’s annual accounts give a closer explanation of significant estimates and assumptions in Note 3 Critical estimates and assessments concerning the use of accounting principles.


The Group has not obtained a new calculation of pensions as of 30 September since no factors have been identified that significantly alter the pension liability. For a further description of the various pension schemes, see note 24 in the 2017 annual report.

Investment held for sale

SpareBank 1 SMN's strategy is that ownership duse to defaulted exposures should at the outset be of brief duration, normally not longer than one year. Investments are recorded at fair value in the Parent Bank's accounts, and is classified as investment held for sale.

Assets and liabilities related to the property in Søndre Gate 4-10 in Trondheim City Centre (SpareBank 1 Kvartalet AS) has been  reclassified as held for sale from Q4 2017 based on the approval from management and board of Directors for selling the property, in addition to the  progress made in the sale process  which makes it highly probable that the  sale will be completed in the coming 12 months.

SpareBank 1 SMN accepted a bid at Søndre gate no. 4-10 in Trondheim city centre at November 9, 2017. SpareBank 1 SMN and its subsidiaries will lease back about 70 per cent of the overall area on a 15 year lease with the option of a lease extension. Estimated gross annual rental in 2018 amounts to NOK 36.4 million. The gross property value underlying the bid is NOK 755 million and will provide SpareBank 1 SMN with a net gain after an estimated tax rebate and transaction costs of NOK 150 million.  The transaction was completed in 2Q 2018.



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