Note 16 - Subsequent events

Takeover of shares of SpareBank 1 Markets

SpareBank 1 SMN integrated its markets business with SpareBank 1 Markets against settlement in shares on 1 April 2015. SpareBank 1 SMN accordingly owns 73.3 per cent (27.3 per cent) of the shares of SpareBank 1 Markets and the company is consolidated as from the second quarter of 2015. Other owners are SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge (10.0 per cent), Samarbeidende Sparebanker (10.0 per cent), Sparebanken Hedmark (6.1 per cent) and other owners (0.6 per cent). The owners wish to strengthen a fully-fledged range of products and services in their market segment and to achieve coordination gains.

An acquisition analysis has been prepared in accordance with IFRS 3 in which identifiable assets and liabilities are valued at their fair value on the acquisition date. The difference between the Group's acquisition cost and the book value of the net assets of SpareBank 1 Markets results in an income recognition of about NOK 20 million in the Group accounts for the second quarter. In addition a new cost price is established for a previous asset resulting in income recognition of about NOK 16 million in the Group accounts. 


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