Note 14 - Financial instruments and offsetting

As from 2013 the Bank is required to disclose financial instruments which the Bank considers to fulfil the requirements for netting under IAS 32.42, and financial instruments in respect of which offsetting agreements have been entered into. Both in accordance with IFRS 7.13 A-F.

The Bank has no financial instruments booked on a net basis in the financial statements.

SpareBank 1 SMN has two sets of agreements which regulate counterparty risk and netting of derivatives. For retail and corporate customers, use is made of framework agreements requiring provision of collateral. For customers engaged in trading activity, only cash deposits are accepted as collateral. The agreements are unilateral, i.e. it is only the customers that provide collateral. As regards financial institutions, the Bank enters into standardised and mainly bilateral ISDA agreements. Additionally the Bank has entered into supplementary agreements on provision of collateral (CSA) with the most central counterparties. As of the first quarter 2013 the Bank has eighteen active CSA agreements. The Bank only enters into agreements with cash as collateral. The Bank has delegated responsibility for handling these agreements to SEB Prime Collateral Services which handles margin requirements on behalf of the Bank.

Period Type of financial instrument Amounts which can only be netted upon bankruptcy or default
31.03.2013  Derivatives  1,626
31.03.2012  Derivatives  1,075
Parent Bank and Group are identical.   

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